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Quality professional Gintare Cepinskaite, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

My name is Gintarė Čepinskaitė. 

I am a quality-minded HR professional and this is my personal website.

Mainly this is / will be an e-place where I work, discuss and present – develop a model of truly enjoyable workplace environments.

To keep things even more exciting and engaging I'm offering a list of my other most likeable subjects (as presented below in alphabetical order). Each of them also carries idea threads that I'll passionately discuss with anyone interested.   

It is said, that in speaking and communicating we discover ourselves and the world around us... Hope you'll enjoy your visit, find it useful or entertaining, share your ideas on your favourite topic and come back again!

With my warmest wishes

Not sure how to pronounce my name?! Let me help you!
What language is this? - Lithuanian - the national language of Lithuania

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