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I started my discoveries in Pavilniai Regional Park - the smallest regional park in Lithuania - located in the valley of the river Vilnia, in Vilnius. Despite of its size, Pavilniai might be one of the most impressive natural reserves including nature, history and multicultural heritage. And that is where I was born and spent the most incredible 13 years of my life. 

I guess I was privileged to  spend most of my day-time independently (there was nobody to look after me until mom's return from work) while searching for the tallest trees to climb, the most beautiful pebbles, frogs, places with most of wild strawberries and other 'secret' spots in the surrounding forests...  

Vilnius became a city of my teenagehood and early university life. I enjoyed to the bottom of my heart living in the most significant city of gothic, renaissance and baroque in Eastern Europe where cultures of the East and West meet.

By growing up in surroundings of rich nature, history and diverse culture I've developed a feeling for natural beauty. I believe that every city, town or village have their own gems - as natural as they can be, each carrying their own story, usually well hidden and known only to the locals...  

I want to share a few of them with you and maybe even inspire to search for the gems around you... 


While constantly having itchy feet for discovering different places or cultures, hearing and sharing stories I do it as much as I can but when I cannot - I use HospitalityClub and CouchSurfing to bring those experiences closer to me.

 NEW  During the times of empty-ish pockets but a great will to travel I either hitch or search for a lift online via Liftshare (UK), National CarShare (UK) or Carpooling (EU). (Let me know if you're aware of any other great online lift search / offer sites)

The video to your right is called Illuminationem - Latin for illumination.

It was shot on an extraordinary evening at Cragside, Northumberland, UK during the Northumberland Lights event in 2011. 

While wandering through a Fantasy Forest - an illuminated trail with spinning zoetropes and mystical sounds I could not stop thinking of magic.

Illuminationem by GCsapiens

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