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 ...September the 1st of 1987 – my first day away from kindergarten in a school together with 1st to 12th year graders. All under one roof – Lithuanians, Polish and Russians. This was my first experience of adulthood – independent time management (at least until mom’s return from work), no more compulsory lunch time naps, but most importantly – my own library of 100 children literature books – a gift from my grandma. It all landed onto prestigious 3 bookshelves in our living room (next to mom’s books, souvenirs and crockery). Later mom regretted her decision, for I started climbing up the bookshelves at least twice a day... And this was a start of my life with fairy-tales, poems and adventures. And ever since I’ve been climbing – not bookshelves, but my own mountains in search for wider perspectives...

An e-catalog of my most favourite perspectives - coming soon.


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