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Gintare Cepinskaite CV 2012
A freelance quality professional Gintare Cepinskaite, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
A freelance quality professional Gintare Cepinskaite, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Freelance quality professional Gintare Cepinskaite, Newcastle upon Tyne, UKDiverse experience @ Globe , UK / Photo credit: Colin Davison 


Live for working or work for living... I guess you have heard either a part or the whole statement at some point in your life. And what did you think of that? 

Work (or I'd rather call it anything in between of doing, making, creating) is an undeniable part of human life. In fact, I would doubt that we could actually live by doing nothing, unless we would simply exist. Therefore, I choose to say that work is an expression of life. But how come - we all live, we all do something, yet so many of us seek for a better life...? I would say we all seek for either inspiring or more inspiring and meaningful working environments. Environments that let us grow, express our creativity  and contribute to the well-being of a wider community by our complete and conspicuous achievements.

Contrary to Ivan Illich I want to believe that there is a way of stopping acting as economic men, performing certain professions and thus maiming our hearts...


To create and implement a model of truly enjoyable - well balanced and meaningful workplace environments.


  • I am currently collecting data for my eutopian workplace environments model. Interested in my progress? - Follow me on Quora
  • Refreshing model related knowledge by undertaking an online course on Model Thinking by Prof. Scott E. Page
  • Practising my public speaking skills at a local Toastmasters International club. 
  • Since March, 2012 undertaking a part-time voluntary role at the Jesmond Community Forum as a Secretary Assistant. My major responsibilities at the before mentioned organisation consist of the improvement of data and information sharing tools; recruitment of new member organisations and promotion of the active member participation. 


I am always happy to hear from those who care about our common well-being and would like to discuss teaming up - change making opportunities of any kind.

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"I would highly recommend Gintarė to any future employer. Her systematic yet friendly approach offers a structured and personalised style. She is also flexible, committed and constantly thinking of new ways of working..."     

Stephen Pritchard

Programme Manager

The Globe Gallery  

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